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Crafting the

Consumer Experience 

I create strategic consumer journeys that push and pull across many touchpoints, each achieving individual and collective business goals.

'Mom Insurance' Consumer Experience

For Charmin, we laid out a year long plan to start and maintain a conversation around our platform of 'Mom Insurance'. 



While you may not be able to protect your family from themselves all the time, with Charmin Ultra Strong, you always know your family has clean underwear on. 

We started with a takeover of the No Pants Subway ride, wrapping the L train like a bathroom and having the Charmin Bears hand out toilet paper in the stations. This started the trending social conversations, which fed into our #mominsurance campaign, and drove back to the epicenter - charmin.com. We had plenty of paid media throughout the year to keep the conversation going, a series of video parenting confessions from Molly, the Charmin bear mom, and even a serial de-pantser let loose via unbranded snapchat videos and a series in The Onion. We had companion banners on all The Onion articles, for those who were savvy enough to catch on. And we did finally came clean with a press release and social media campaign. 

Each experience was designed to promote positive brand conversations and consumer relationships, while driving traffic to owned properties.


'Share a Coke' Consumer Experience

With ‘Share a Coke’, we connect with consumers on a personal level and ask them to create their own experience. We guide them through a series of different conversation starters, each prompting them to create unique and organic content - an outlet for storytelling and self-expression.


The new Selfie Bottle takes a selfie while you enjoy your ice cold Coke, #Tweetacoke partnered with Regal Cinemas for a sweet summer treat, 500 new names were released on bottles, and a heavy emphasis was put into music strategy on platforms like Spotify to grow conversations with the millennial market.

'Front Lines' Consumer Experience

The U.S. Army is among the top influencers in technology and innovation. For the rebrand, we brought the many technological advancements to the front lines of awareness.


We start with targeted search strategy focusing on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This search leads to our experiences and immersive content. 360 canvas teasers give a preview of what can be found on the dot com. The website details the history of patents and technology firsts, and is the hub of our exclusive, limited time only virtual experiences. We released a virtual remote control pack mule - the robot drone that swept the internet by storm, an AR experience to try on the real life HALO suit, and a SIM City experience to build your own Army camp. We partnered with news app Circa to create a new category for Tech Innovations, with sponsored content from the Army. And to tie it together with authenticity, our soldiers shared some of their stories from the front lines. 


We started with the user's curiosity and carried them through a user journey fueled with innovation, personal experiences, and personal connections.