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We started with an insight: millenials are talking about weight loss in an inauthentic way. There’s some shame in the weight loss category, and people are covering up their real reasons for wanting to lose weight.

So we created a way for women to anonymously share their confessions for slimming down. The real truths of "I want to make my ex jealous" and "I want to look good naked."


Slimfessions.com is Unilever’s first %100 UGC site. Here, users can anonymously post their Slimfessions from the mobile app, desktop, facebook, twitter or pinterest. Users can then sort, rate and share their favorite posts. An interactive print ad dynamically populates with the latest Slimfessions.


The Slimfessions campaign successfully launched the rebrand of a new, modern Slim-Fast on cutting-edge platforms. In a Unilever first, Augmented Reality and an entirely user generated website extended the brand reach and facilitated continued repeat engagement. The rejuvenated brand received an abundance of positive reviews from both users and media. With so much success, the campaign was extended an additional 6 weeks.

7,000 app downloads
34,000 posts
2 debut platforms
16,000 tweets