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Specialized makes bikes for professionals. Their daughter brand, Globe, makes bikes for hipsters. This site brings to life the 4 bike lines as individual personalities, each designed to be an extension of the urban, progressive, and conscientious consumer.


To create a parallel brand experience experience on a budget, we repurposed the existing templates we created for Specialized.com. By changing the imagery and a few CSS elements like color and font, Globe is able to have it's own brand identity within consistent user experience at a minimal cost.

Specialized was going to scrap this brand, but with my strategic suggestion of a cost-effective website using assets retooled from the parent site, they were able to create a beautiful and robust brand experience. Additionally, the two sites were able to integrate and populate data from the same CMS, use the same social integration and aggregation platforms, and use the same e-commerce platform. All in, it was a fully integrated business and branding solution that proved successful across many platforms.