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Excedrin was coming back to the shelf after a year off for a *slight* production mishap. We wanted to come back positively, so we started with our loyalists who stuck with us through the year away. They received special coupons for a free bottle of Excedrin, and were given one for a friend. The catch - the coupons were good for a special 5 day VIP window only. Then, we asked our growing community ‘Who Deserves Excedrin the Most?’ This was turned into a social gaming experience played entirely through dynamic, contextually relevant banners. A March Madness style bracket tracked who was winning on facebook.


In just 5 days, this Back to Shelf campaign shattered social records. Excedrin became the number one OTC brand on facebook through an organic-only viral social campaign.

For 5 weeks following the back to shelf event, engagement numbers were doubled with contextually relevant dynamic banners. In total, a ground breaking 16 million reach in one week was actualized through product giveaways and social media.

new facebook fans
16 million reach in 1 week
500,000 gameplays
#1 brand on facebook
100,000 bottles given away
44% Opt-in rate for eCRM