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Fully baked creative

with a social sweet spot

Hi, I’m Jennifer–

a strategic Creative who brings a social-first approach to the user experience of brands in the digital landscape.  


Originally from Chicago, I’ve spent the last 12 years innovating in the other big city –New York. And I will tell you from extensive research, New York has better pizza.


In addition to a good Brooklyn-style slice, I get really jazzed about big ideas carried across multiple touchpoints. My mantra is "Good creative comes from good strategy." I bring that strategy to life by bringing a social-first approach to technology and storytelling. 

An entrepreneurial spirit paired with a keen eye for business and operational opportunities has led to some very successful departmental initiatives. Chiefly among them are creating the New York Creative Department and Content Department at Merkle, establishing the Thought Leadership Department at Moxie, and the UX Department at Madison Square Garden.

In each of those newly created departments, we’ve had some great wins. At Merkle, we won an Agency of the Year Award, Diversity & Inclusion Champion, for a global 360 program. At Moxie, we invented a new AR technology with Verizon. At Madison Square Garden, we launched a whole host of new technologies including interactive seating charts and live instagram face recognition from the venue.

Under my leadership, departments have greatly expanded creative offerings, pushed the boundaries of what is possible , and had a fantastic amount of fun doing it!


Some things I bring to the table.


Combining psychology with user interaction design to guide consumers through all interactions with a brand.


Collaboration with all disciplines to create and manage brief structure, brief process, creative workflow, execution, budget management, and operations.


Creative that delivers on

business goals. Creative that is smart, results-oriented and performance driven.


Creating opportunities to take creative risk.


Storytelling through emotions. Connecting consumers to brands through authenticity across the ecosystem.


Every day is new opportunity to find, share, and be the inspiration to make great work!


Creative that starts conversations and keeps them going – online, in real life, and beyond.


I have an exceptional ability to command a room, whether it be a conversation of 2 or an auditorium of 200.


These are some brands I've worked with.